I offer 1 on 1 personal training in Cambridge, MA. Please DM me on Instagram @valthehappy to meet for a free trial session. I work well with the smart independent type. I will help you stand with confidence in your own skin. Grow strong with me!




"1. I experience less regular pain than I had been for the past several years 2. I am feeling much more stable and strong than I had been for the past several years. 3. I'm starting to slowly physically see the outcome of all the hard work.

Thanks so much for working so hard to help me! I'm feeling so much better and I'd gotten to the point where I never thought I would."

KALEA from Waltham, MA


 "I'm much more confident on a daily basis going about my business like lifting computers and lugging heavy bags everywhere.  - I can feel better overall and actually enjoy working out now"

STACEY from Cambridge, MA



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