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  • Workouts to help Strengthen your body and improve your posture So you can stand confidently tall

Check out my before and after pics below. I completely changed my body composition. I weigh 15-20 lbs more now because I've added more muscle mass. I've increased my strength, metabolism and quality of life. I've helped dozens of people learn to strength train and build their own strong, badass bodies!

Left: Me, 2014. Right: Me, 2017

Left: Me, 2014. Right: Me, 2017

To further ensure your success, I offer...

  • Facebook group support to address your questions and connect with others

  • basics Tutorials on how to structure a workout so you can eventually create your own program & be totally autonomous

  • A muscle Building Program that will make you get that “toned” look and feel confident in your skin


  • Progress Tracking so you can be held accountable

  • The best initial habits you need to know to get results

  • Messages of encouragement so you feel like you have a partner in this

  • Video on secrets to developing good habits that stick

On Top of that...

  • You will Start a structured routine to regain control of your gym habits

  • Muscle Building workouts will Make You more comfortable in your clothes - and out of your clothes.

Check out my in-person client videos on my Instagram page.  Go to the "CLIENTS" highlight and see all of the fantastic strong people I train. 

My own transformation from bony to bombshell with more food & more muscle!

My own transformation from bony to bombshell with more food & more muscle!

One more Very important thing...

I guarantee after 1 week you will know more than you do now about how to ACHIEVE the above result. 

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