Your Baggage Blocks Fitness Results

Your physical and emotional baggage will stunt your fitness progress and prevent the joy in achievement of any and all goals.

What is non-possessiveness?

It is to not have any physical baggage – or any other kind of baggage! The physical baggage you carry can weigh you down and clutter your life. This clutter gets in the way of seeing what is important. There is joy in simplicity.

What else to we possess?

If left unchecked, you greet each moment with a sack full of energetic crap. Crap= preferences for how you want the world (and the people in it) to be.  Your unique set of preferences is shaped by past events, beliefs, conditioning, or future expectations, beliefs (again) and fears.

Holding On

I laugh at how pathetic I feel knowing I allow myself to have a mini tantrum every time things don’t line up exactly as I want.  This “holding on” to baggage is what has the potential to turn a good day into a terrible day. It is one of the ways you and I create hell on earth using the power of our minds.

You might be holding on to events from the past. You might be holding on to expectations or fears about the future. Both future and past energetic possessions carry enough weight to make each day feel like a real slog.


I will use myself as an example to illustrate the idea of becoming possessed by our possessions.

My baggage often comes in the form of fear. Too much future! My fear and anxiety about not being able to handle my life in an imaginary unbearable future severs that aliveness that would otherwise burst from within. I am not usually so conscious of this fear. Most of the time it feels like a permanent fixture. If I pay close attention, the easier it is for me to realize that this fear has taken the form of anxiety, tension or complete inaction. It has become like that pile of junk in my house that aggravates me whenever I see it, but I don’t do anything about it – as though some part of me believes it belongs there.

Many of us come to fitness with baggage. We don’t believe we can do anything about the state we’re in; we expect to have a really hard time, to fail or make a fool of ourselves. Maybe we expect it to be easy and then bolt for the door once we feel the first wave of bodily discomfort.

About 5-ish years ago I had a closed-door (let’s call it?) relationship with physical exercise. I really believed that my efforts were in vain; that I could not make a change to my body, or my life in general. I was positive that it was just too hard for me because I felt I was not driven enough. I was so afraid the future was going to be the SAME as the now: UNBEARABLE. In hindsight I see my lack of acceptance of A. my real life situation (including my body) and B. the fact that I could change my life kept me very unhappy.

I cried and I whined and stomped around and felt sorry for myself, etc. I was either paralyzed into inaction, or so anxious that I would never be the way I wanted. Anxiety was clouding my clarity on the subject in general.

The turnaround

Since then, I’ve proven to myself that I can improve. The only thing that has changed is my belief about my abilities. I suppose I calmed down and stopped reducing the here-and-now to a means to an end. I still have fitness goals, but I’m not as hell bent on achieving them, because I am not CLINGING to the result. I am not making the result my salvation. I know I can affect my life in ways that will either meet goals, or get me as close as possible.

Learning to let go

In one of my favorite books, The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle says “…do not be concerned with the fruit of your action – just give attention to the action itself. The fruit will come of it’s own accord.”

This is the act of non-attachment. To show up to every moment so fully and with joy that you can let go fully, then move to the next.  If we can let go as we move through life, we can move with more ease & lightness.

In my story, when I let go of clinging to beliefs about my ability to achieve goals, I was not so possessed by them. I urge you to examine what your expectations are around your fitness. What past experiences are affecting your relationship with the here-and-now? How outdated are those beliefs about what kind of a person you are in relationship to physical exercise? 
"I've always been out of shape"

"I'm not an athlete"

"Nothing has worked for me in the past"

"I'm desperate -- but I won't do that"

"Apparently I suck at everything"

These thoughts - said aloud or to yourself - are only true as long as you believe them.  They are evidence of your painful baggage which keeps you stuck. They block success by setting you up for failure before you have even started. If you reached your goals you wouldn't even notice it!

What emotional or physical baggage possesses you? 

Thank you & Jobless,