Valerie Walker hopped the pond from Co. Cork in Ireland to Boston, MA at the sophisticated age of 3. She is strongly influenced by her theatrical and witty relations both here and abroad. After losing her lovely mom in 2013, Valerie found freedom beneath her grief. She hung up her desk-jockey saddle and let love guide the way. Love for herself and love for life. Health is her #1 priority, and she pushes that out into the world. She is a joyful, plant-based vegan fitness professional. When she is not meditating, eating or exercising, you can find her here:

When I wake up, I say, I’m a beacon of light, goddamnit! How does a beacon of light act? Then I burst out of bed. 

I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Also, It is important to me to produce something creative, no matter how small, at least once a day. It is how I express myself.  I love being in nature, connecting with people I vibe with, keeping fit and experimenting cooking with yummy foods!

Someone in 11th grade called me fat.  Not because it was true by any stretch of the imagination, just because a kid said something without thinking. Being the impressionable sensitive teen I was … I took it seriously. I became very interested (obsessed, rather) with what I put in my mouth. It was something I could control in this out of control life J Many years and many ups and downs later after regaining a healthy relationship with food I just wanted to be healthy AF.  And at that point I was very family with what was a “good” food and what was a “bad” food.

About four years ago I read the book Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin.  They write in such an in-your-face fashion I finished the book feeling like I had been slapped with a silly stick.  Like, “d’oh, you stupid dumb bitch (me)! You’ve been eating wrong your whole life!” 

I made a cold turkey (pun intended) switch to veganism and noticed immediately that my insides were happier.  That was enough to keep me going.  Since then I’ve learned so much about the ethical, environmental and health benefits of this lifestyle that I’m definitely a lifer.  No doubt about it.  

Every day I practice some form of meditation. 

I always knew I wanted to help other people.  I needed to stop ignoring the fact that I actually could. As a little girl I would get really sad and sit up at night thinking about the people that are suffering all around the world. If that's not carrying the world on ones shoulders, what is?

I didn’t realize I could help others until I developed a healthy relationship with yours truly. I believe that once you truly find yourself, you will inevitably find yourself helping others. It is how we are wired as humans.

My father is a big influence on me. He's a funny guy. I'm Val the Happy. But he is DAD THE HAPPY.  Endless Positivity. I love bringing humor into any situation (at the right time) because laughing raises your vibration and you can immediately see people relax into themselves a bit better after having a laugh!

I love watching Ralph Smart on YouTube. He’s a psychologist, criminologist, vegan amazing light worker. He always says, “you are not on this planet to live up to anyone else’s expectations.” I love that, it’s so freeing.

I am inspired all day long. I am inspired by the beauty of nature. I am super inspired by people who are fully self expressed. That is an excellent thing to see. I have faith in becoming fully self-expressed myself, so I love seeing it.  

My dream is to change at least one person’s mind about life. To have them see that it is worth living. To have them see that they are a uniquely beautiful creation that can contribute effortlessly to the evolution of this universe JUST by being themselves and following their heart.  I hope to change at least one person’s mind about life.

My greatest motivator is the notion that I am not complete, and never will be. I am not a finished product. I am still being "colored in" if you will.

It’s funny.  To me, the future is not a fixed place. I believe it will evolve in a very unique way based on the decisions I make RIGHT NOW. I am very adaptable, thus I know that any plans I have or make will inevitably change based on my choices along the way.  In other words, f*cked if I know where I’ll be in 10 years! Where will I be?  Hopefully still living the dream!

Advice that changed my life: My mother always used to say, in French, “courage ma petite” whenever I was nervous to do something.  Having the courage to lean into fear has changed my life. 

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